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The Finance Guru approach
we believe we can showcase what we do via our service guarantees

Our Approach

When it comes to the Finance Guru approach, we believe we can showcase what we do via our service guarantees. These are promises that we make to our clients and these underpin everything we do.

A team of skilled and
experienced staff

We have a team of skilled and experienced finance and payroll staff but we also know that without the best standard of customer service, our work will mean nothing. This is why if you are looking for the most complete finance and payroll services, you should rely on a company like Finance Guru who promise to go further.

At Finance Guru, we promise to answer all phone calls within three rings and we look to respond to all emails and online messages within four working hours. We understand fast communication is essential in the modern business and if you have a pressing question or issue, you want a response as quickly as possible.

All invoices which are raised on our client website will be sent to your agency instantly. Any invoices which have been raised over email or by phone will be issued within one working hour.

Fast payment is essential
in the modern day and age

We understand the importance of fast payment for many firms and this is why we aim to pay you via the ‘Faster Payment’ process, on the same day, as soon as we receive recognised funds. You can be confident that the funds will be cleared in your account within two working days, which will hopefully allow you to run and organise your business with greater confidence.

Our years of experience and expertise mean we know the best working practices and understand good ways to carry out work. Once you or your firm have submitted your first timesheet, a member of staff will contact you to ensure that your first payment is made in a tax-efficient manner.

As the Finance Guru, we know that many people look to us for advice and guidance. This is why we monitor all expenses claims and we will offer you appropriate advice as and when required. We also promise to contact you as quickly as possible if the funds we receive do not match the tally on your submitted invoice.

We aim to make processes
as simple as possible

Finance Guru also wants to make working with us as simple as possible and this is why we offer an easy registration process. A member of our customer service team will always be on hand and we look to provide a friendly and reliable service.

You can rely on us to set up your Ultimate Payroll UK account within two hours of your application being received. During this period, we will contact you, explaining our services and if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer them for you. We want you to feel as though you can ask us anything relating to our services and if you’d like insight into the steps we take in carrying out this work, please let us know.

Finance Guru provides all clients with a Starters Guide to enable them to confirm their registration details. We will also liaise with your point of contact at the point of setting up the account to ensure that everything is in place for your first payment.

We know that many firms like confirmation or an alert when a payment has been made to them and we will send a confirmation e-mail and text message when a payment has been made.

At Finance Guru, we are fully focused on providing the best standard of payroll services, ensuring your business can focus on what it does best.

If this sounds good to you, we’ll be delighted to hear from you, so please get in touch.

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