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Payroll Factoring
for agencies and firms looking for assistance in managing their cash flow

Payroll Factoring

Payroll Factoring is a very useful service for agencies and firms looking for assistance in managing their cash flow.

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Cash flow is one of the most important things for a business because no matter how good your balance sheet looks or what your projections are, a company that doesn’t have a reliable cash flow is likely to find itself in trouble.

We know that many sole traders, self-employed professionals and firms struggle to receive payment as and when it is due. This can take time away from the company and it can also leave professionals feeling stressed and far from their best.

Cash flow concerns often detract from the work that is being undertaken by a company and it can prevent expansion plans. Any business looking for reliable assistance when it comes to cash flow and payroll services should call on Finance Guru for support.

Operating as

The way that Payroll Factoring works is similar to borrowing money from a bank but in a more commercial manner. It is a way of reducing the risk your business is exposed to, it can provide your business with immediate funds and it helps to create a consistent flow of cash into your business.

In recent times, Payroll Factoring has been growing in popularity and it provides confidence to new and emerging SMEs looking for back-up and support.

Payroll Factoring work in a manner of invoices being sold by agencies to chosen brokers, for a discounted rate.

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The broker will then collect these invoices for the agency. This way of working frees up time for a company, it can reduce stress and strain and it is often a preferable option than dealing with a bank looking for funding to tide a firm over during a difficult period.

Any company that would like to learn more about Payroll Factoring should contact Finance Guru and we’ll be happy to talk through the process.

At Finance Guru, we are fully focused on providing the best standard of payroll services, ensuring your business can focus on what it does best.

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